CEF Action 2020-PT-IA-0110 - CivilOnline - is an European funded Action with the objective of making Portuguese Online Civil Registry services safer and easier to access to all citizens, nationwide and cross-border.

The services in the domain of the Portuguese Civil Registry already have a number of online services made available via two main portals:

The scope of this Action is to address all the online services made available by IRN via these two websites and other associated sites that exist.

The services covered are the following:

Birth Registration



Legal separation

Death Certificate


Criminal Record

Under each one of these services this project action will deliver eIDAS compliant authentication and the correspondant use of available attributes as well as eSignature solutions (using DSS) in the scope of the service’s usual processes, wherever these are applicable.


In order to achieve this, a full review of the online processes must be undertaken making sure that the eIDAS Authentication, the use of Attributes and the eSignature improve information quality and security in all processes, while making these processes more user-friendly to all citizens as well as professionals who use them.

These services are central to Portuguese Citizens and Businesses and the further dematerialization brought by implementing of eID and eSignature could lead to a very significant impact in Portugal, making these basic services more accessible while keeping them highly reliable.

Authentication under the scope of this Action will make use of the Central Authentication from the Portuguese Justice Portal whenever possible and in all services related to this Portal. Also eSignature solutions used under this Action will re-use and take advantage of solutions already being implemented under the Justice Portal, making sure these tools are up-to-date and compliant with the DSS standards.

National authentication is already in use by some of these services via the existing authentication provider - https://www.autenticacao.gov.pt/ - made available by AMA - Public Administration Modernization Agency - specifically to what concerns the reuse of authentication with the Citizen’s Card and by the Mobile Digital Key - Chave Móvel Digital.

This Action will enable the Civil Registry services to use EU eID as well, and by the end of the proposed all e-services covered by the action will be available in a production environment for cross-border authentication via eIDAS. In the same fashion it is also planned to provide digital signature using the Mobile Digital Key service.


Civil Online is a CEF Action led by IRN and supported by IGFEJ and Linkare TI as beneficiaries.

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